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Cavatine Dwarf Japanese Andromeda

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Add a Low-Maintenance Beauty to Your Garden with Cavatine Dwarf Japanese Andromeda

The Cavatine Dwarf Japanese Andromeda, also known as Pieris japonica ‘Cavatine’, is an excellent choice for smaller outdoor spaces. This compact, flowering evergreen plant is versatile and can be used in a variety of landscaping designs. Its small size makes it perfect for mass plantings or as an accent plant, particularly when paired with other plants with finer or coarser foliage such as juniper. Additionally, it can be used in short hedges to create a natural border.

The Cavatine Pieris blooms in early spring, producing tendrils of white, bell-shaped flowers that are both delicate and striking. Its foliage is bright red, adding to the plant's beauty. After the flowers die back, the plant requires only occasional pruning to maintain its shape.

One of the benefits of the Cavatine Pieris is that it is relatively disease-resistant, with no significant diseases associated with the plant. Another advantage is that deer typically pass it by in search of more appetizing snacks, making it an excellent choice for gardens and landscapes that are frequented by deer.

In terms of its size and sunlight requirements, the Cavatine Pieris grows to a mature size of 30” X 30”, making it an ideal choice for smaller outdoor spaces. It thrives in full to part sun and prefers moist, acidic soil.

Overall, the Cavatine Dwarf Japanese Andromeda is an attractive and versatile plant that can add beauty and interest to any landscape. Its compact size, striking blooms, and low-maintenance nature make it an excellent choice for gardeners of all skill levels.

Cavatine Pieris At-A-Glance Info

Mature Size: 30” X 30”
Sunlight: Full to part sun
Soil: Moist, acidic soil 

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